Infographic: Benefits of a Drug – Free Workplace

Posted: Aug 5, 2015
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Author: marc

Roughly 70% of drug users are employed in the workplace today

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), the two jobs with the highest drug abuse rates are food service workers and construction workers. The food service industry came in at about 17.4 percent while the construction industry was at 15.1 percent. The next three jobs with the highest rates of drug use and abuse include arts/design/entertainment/sports/media, sales and installation/maintenance/repair.

With those kind of known rates, companies are beginning to realize that although it may be a rather uncomfortable request to ask of potential or even current employees to take a drug test, it’s becoming a necessity. Even if the employer does feel comfortable enough to ask for it to be done, maybe the concern of money comes into play and they think they simply cannot afford to do administer them. Whichever the cause may be that is holding back employers from not administering drug tests to all employees, it’s important to understand the benefits that can be seen in creating a drug-free workplace. Here they are…

Improves Productivity

When workers are under the influence, whether it is from illicit drugs or alcohol, it is safe to say that productivity is far from reaching its potential. Studies have shown that 20% of respondents reported an obvious increase in productivity where their workplace is now drug-free.

Abusing of drugs creates people to not only be unmotivated to complete their work the way they are supposed to but it also affects fellow employees to do the same, whether they recognize that or not. If one co-worker is under the influence and is working alongside another, their attitude toward work will automatically affect the other. This drops the morale of the workplace down to an extreme making it an overall unproductive and inefficient place to get things done. If your workplace is drug-free, you automatically set the morale higher and employees will begin to use their time wisely and more efficiently getting done all that is required of them.

Fewer Accidents & Better Safety

Over 50% of workplace accidents trace back to being related to drug abuse. If you are able to have a drug-free workplace, it is almost guaranteed that fewer accidents will occur. This is true especially within the construction industry where accidents are already very likely to happen.

By insisting that employees take a regular drug test it will ensure not only that your employees stay safe but also the people and customers around them will stay safe. By being completely coherent and drug-free, employees are able to respond well to customers needs and make certain that everything is being taken well care of and jobs are getting accomplished. Whether it’s building a safe home for a new family or serving them dinner at a restaurant down the street, coherent and drug-free employees and workplaces guarantee a much safer environment for everyone involved.

Saves Money

With a drug-free workplace, it’s likely that companies will see a dramatic reduction in medical and health insurance premiums for employees because of the fact that drug abusers are at a much higher risk for health problems.

When an employee decides to take part in the usage of drugs even outside of the workplace it can cause them to completely miss an entire workday or shift. This puts the responsibility to find a new employee or to find someone to at least cover the shift for a day on the company owner or manager. If employees are required to take regular drug tests then this means fewer absences and fewer costs of having to re-train and hire new or additional employees.

Companies that do choose to administer regular drug tests also receive a 5% discount on Workers Comp premium.

Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol have more accidents, use more sick time, file more workers compensation claims and are more likely to be fired. The cost of abuse to U.S. business is estimated at $100 billion a year - and smaller companies are more vulnerable because they're less likely to test potential and current employees. You can reduce the risks and costs of drug and alcohol abuse in your workforce with substance abuse screening from PointHR. Sign up for your account at

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