How to Write a Great Online Job Post

Posted: Apr 23, 2015
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Author: marc

When it comes to writing online job posts, one thing is for certain

When it comes to writing online job posts, one thing is for certain: there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. Though the right way is not at all difficult or time consuming, many employers ultimately don’t make the effort in creating an attractive online job posting simply because they fail to recognize the importance of it. Whether your company is just now starting up, small, medium or expanding into a large company, the quality of your online job posting should not at all vary. The most important thing to keep in mind while creating a post is this: quality online job postings attract quality talent. With that in mind, here is how you do just that…

Create an appealing post title
Scrolling through different job ads and websites can become monotonous for those seeking employment. Chances are they’ve scrolled past similar or even exactly the same post titles all for different companies. This is your chance to create an enticing title that will not only grab their attention but also make them want to click it to find out more. Titles should be no longer than 25-60 characters so keep this in mind when creating a descriptive post title. Also, avoid at all costs using only capital letters or excessive exclamation marks as this can easily be seen as spam or scam jobs. Use only necessary key words that you know potential employees will be searching for. In creating an appealing post title, you will see a dramatic increase of applications coming your way.

 Convince them
Why should they want to work for you and your company? Maybe they have got five other job offers lined up, all offering great salaries and benefits and then they just so happen to come across your online job posting seconds before reaching over to make that offer acceptance. Is your post going to convince them to reconsider making that phone call to a different company that wants them just as bad as you do? Convince them. In a few sentences tell them why working for your company is going to be better than the other companies out there. State your company’s mission, goals and past achievements that make it completely out shine the rest. They are aware of their talents they can offer you and your company and now it is your turn to make sure they know their talents are going to be put to good use within your company; convince them that there is simply no better place to work.

 Clearly describe the position
Everyone has come across an online job posting that leaves them scratching their head wondering what position exactly it is that the company is looking for. Do not be vague but instead be overly clear on the job description and what your company is in need of. Make an easy to understand list of what the job would entail in a neat and orderly fashion (bullet points are most effective). After you have created a list, include descriptions of job highlights that they will benefit from if they decide to work for your company. Do not let them leave your post with questions but instead answer all of them in clear and descriptive detail.

 Persuade them to take action
The post title caught their attention, they clicked on it, found out convincing information about your company and they fully understand what the job entails…now what? It is your job to provide clear instructions on how to apply for the position. Make another list of what they need to include in the application process (resume, references, work samples, etc.). You also may have other relevant job postings different from the one you created so be sure to include those and a link for each one. This is the last thing that you need to seal the deal and make sure they are fully interested in taking action toward working for your company.

 As you can now see, writing and creating a great online job post is not hard, difficult or time consuming but it is indeed very necessary. Use these tips the next time you’re in need of an employee and always remember that quality online job postings attract quality talent.

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