10 Things You Need To Drop To Stay Motivated

Posted: Nov 18, 2014
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10 Things You Need To Drop To Stay Motivated

Today we will be discussing 10 things you need to stay motivated and engaged in your job and career.
In order for you to stay motivated you have to get rid of things that are weighing you down. Below you will find 10 things you need to drop in order to stay motivated.

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10) Drop the excuses. 
Don't play the blame game. Stop pointing a finger at others and start pointing a finger at yourself. Look at the person in the mirror and address what is holding you back. Look for solutions, it will make you feel in control

9) Why so serious?
Drop the seriousness. Put a smile on your face. Laugh a little bit. Enjoy the presence of others. Spend time with your family. Progress towards a bigger goal by making smaller, realistic goals.

8) Gratitude is the Attitude!
Drop the ungrateful attitude and be thankful for the life that you are living. Be thankful for where you are and where you will be in the future.

7) Be willing to roll up your sleeves 
Drop the lazy attitude and focus on your work ethic. Give 100% day in and day out. Become the person that people enjoy being around. Remind yourself that you are destined for greatness. Get up earlier. Do the harder tasks first. 

6) Patience is a virtue
Drop the inpatients. Impatient people usually do not follow through with their plans. Do not become this person. Understand that it takes time, effort and energy to stay motivated. Visualize success on a daily basis.

5) Don't be a clock watcher
Drop the time management issues and learn how to manage your time better. A lot of people struggle with time management and blame this for the lack of motivation. Figure out how to get more into you day, not more day into what you are doing.

4) Apples and Oranges
Drop comparing yourself to other people. Focus on your life. Live your life. Comparisons can make you envious and jealous of others.

3) Accentuate the Positive
Focus on the positive and drop negativity. Dropping negativity means that you distance yourself from negative people and negative influences. Distance yourself from people that do not care about your dream.

2) Stress Less!
Drop stressing yourself out over things you can’t control. Reduce stress by keeping your mind, body and soul active. Exercise, play sports, get yourself a companion (animal), write, etc. We all have to deal with stress in our life. The key is how you deal with it.

1) Check your Entitlement
Drop your sense of entitlement. You are not entitled to anything in this world. Work hard to accomplish your goals. Show up early, stay late, and be the hardest worker in the room. You got this.


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