Remote Hire i9 - Complete I-9 forms anywhere

Posted: Jan 12, 2016
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Author: marc

Breakthrough Technology Allows I-9's to be completed by new employees before their first day of work

many companies are actually breaking the law by falsifying documents when an employee works offsite and does not go to the office on their first day of employment.

You may have the option of hiring an attorney or notary public (now illegal in California) to fight this. But you’re dealing with the government - and winning that battle is virtually impossible.

Remote Hire I-9  
Hire anywhere with confidence

Our fully automated and 100% cloud-based remote hire system utilizes your candidate's own professional and social networks assisted by mobile  technology to complete I-9s remotely via tablets, smart phones or laptops. Avoiding the cost of notaries and legal professionals.

Electronic signatures and time/date stamps control access and document the process.

Fact is... any employer who fails to properly complete an I-9 document is breaking the law the second they hire this person - irrespective of the legal status of the individual.

The employer is deemed NONCOMPLIANT and subject to potentially devastating fines.


Team up with PointHR and we will help you manage all employee records, provide instant verification of employment and historical data, correct errors and omissions  and minimize any liability.

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