After narrowing the field, it’s time to screen your potential new hires. Background checks, drug-testing and other assessments have become increasingly important. Accuracy and efficiency are critical components of any screening process. Once again, PointHR is your trusted and experienced ally. Our services are FLEXIBLE, CONVENIENT and AFFORDABLE. Fast results on criminal and civil searches are just one of the advantages we offer.

But what’s even MORE IMPORTANT

Is a program that matches your requirements perfectly. With different positions, there are varied levels of responsibilities and risks. That’s why you need a background checking program with built-in flexibility. Comprehensive, accurate, legal, yet flexible checks provide maximum protection. We can custom-tailor a program to fit your exact needs and budget. Whether you need to address government requirements, enhance safety, or ensure productivity - we’ve got you covered.

Hiring should never be a guessing game.

Better hiring decisions make all the difference. And proper screening is a vital element. With accurate and up-to-date background information, you’ll have the information you need to determine suitability - before extending any offer.


Lab-based drug testing provides critical information you need to know. At PointHR, we offer an established network of more than 12,000 leading laboratories, healthcare institutions and government agencies nation-wide.

Swift, accurate background checks. Help, from a trusted advisor to make the unknown known.