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Background checks are an important step in screening potential clients, defendants, and litigants. 

An Attorney background check can reveal information that may not be revealed in an interview or reference check.
Drug convictions, violent offenses, sex crimes, fraud or embezzlement just to name a few. We can also search for Bankruptcies, Civil Judgements, And Aliases. Background checks are available both on a National and International level. 

It is equally important to screen spouses and partners to ensure that all parties are not putting a future family in harm’s way. We can also preform paperless rapid drug testing at our nationwide network of more than 12,000 collection sites.

Psychological assessments and testing is also available to complete the screening process to make sure all parties involved are 100% protected.

- Applying for a job
- Applying for an immigration document or change of status
- Seeking housing
- Involved in a child custody determination
If a person is found to have a history of committing crimes, they may be disqualified.
This is especially common if the person has a history of violent crimes or is found to have a tendency to repeat offenses. 

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We know you want a background check that is fast and cost effective, but also accurate and complete! We have you covered. We service 100's of companies in the legal industry.

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