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Your Job Opening: 185 applications. 12 interviews. 2 semi candidates. Sound familiar? You don’t have time or resources to spend every day searching for new hires only to lose them within weeks.

Our career sites provide everything you need to market your jobs, manage your candidates, and measure your results. Reach better talent by giving candidates a captivating and clear path to employment.


Make better hiring decisions with PointHR Background Checks, Drug Screening, Behavioral and Skills Assessments. See how well a candidate will fit the job before extending a hire offer.


Transition from Recruiting to Hiring with our E-Onboarding, Error Proof I-9, Time and Attendance, and Instant Communication tools.


Download White Papers

    • Background checks white paper

    Background Checks

    We recommend this package as a thorough, consistent check that should be run on all potential new hires...

  • Drug testing white paper

    Drug Testing

    Which applicant is the drug user? Guess again...

    • Download our PointHR I-9 white paper

    I-9 Management

    I-9 compliance doesn't have to be a maze of complexities. Let our specialized technology lead the way.

  • Download our PointHR Verifications white paper

    Employment Verification

    Automated verification helps your employees provide their employment and income information instantly.

More About Us

Who we are

We like to smile when we answer the phone. We like to talk rather than email. We believe in being early for work. We believe in praising people. Meet our team.

What we do

PointHR is a company that takes Human Resource tasks and makes them easier for HR people to do everyday. You may be interested in background checks, you may need help with your I-9s, you may be intrigued by our online onboarding tools. Whatever your area of need is, we want to help.

Why we do it

We believe that doing hundreds, strike that, thousands of little things every day leads to undeniable excellence. Some make someone's day, others get your job done a little quicker, others cut a step or two out of your routine. All of them add to your bottom line.

Where we do it

With more than 15 years in the business PointHR has become a leading provider of consulting, outsourcing, and screening services. Together, our employees serve approximately 5,000 clients in every U.S. state.


Talented, motivated and creative people thrive at PointHR. If you enjoy the entrepreneurial thrill of invention and an environment of collaboration and fun then search our careers and apply now...

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